how we spend our lives

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard

Think about that for a minute.
I found that terribly inspiring and convicting quote over at Jessie's sweet little blog. Thank you, Jessie, I really needed that wake up call.
There are things I want to do! Not "some day", because we know that means "probably never". Instead, I want to seize the day and do things I want to do today, and every day.

Here are the things that have been on my mind to do lately:
make no-knead bread (this want arising from our family going through nearly two loaves of bread a week)
make homemade butter
make a quilt! (I've been wanting to do this since the winter, and just realized a day ago that I should do it now, before fall classes start)

In fact, speaking of things I would like to do, here's my list of resolutions made in February. Now I have to stop pretending that I never made that list.

This post is more of a mind-bleed than an update, but I will not leave you without posting a photo. First, my happy breakfast of spinach, zucchini, and eggs. Second, the summer scarf my mother in law mailed me.


straight from the bag

I have fallen into a deep well and cannot, nor do I wish to, come out from it. It is called "Anna Karenina" by Count Tolstoy, and it is incredible. If ever drowning was pleasant, it would be now. It has consumed me so deeply that I have devoted my evenings to devouring the well crafted novel and have only made a batch of cookies here and there, instead usually resorting to stove popped popcorn or just chocolate chips straight from the bag.
So, dear readers, I apologize.
That said, here are some photos to chronicle the rest of my life, as of late.
A neighbor's slowly ripening blackberries:

The lime bars I made for my dear (and pregnant!) friend Jessie:

The lasagna I made to freeze for the same dear, pregnant friend: (it took every last ounce of willpower to not eat this)

My sweet bath time boy:

What I consider the perfect afternoon snack - home made whole wheat biscuit with butter and Natalie's freezer strawberry jam:

And a blurb of good news: the sunflowers are blooming! Scott's and my long lost (yes, it's almost been three whole years!) wedding photos have turned up and been sent to us! my sweet mother in law sent me a summer scarf! (it's ikat - I guess it's back in style) AND I visited Audrey Kawasaki's page and she has new stuff up!
It's a great week!


books and food and all things good

Just something quick, to let you know what's going on.
Last night two beautiful Natalies came over and we enjoyed wine with peach apple cake, delicious natural vanilla bean ice cream, frozen blueberries and mint leaves.

We each had seconds. We talked about books and food and all things good.
A few days ago I finally made that peach upside down cake.

I don't have much current news - I am reading "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy, and I love it so far. I have a penchant for Russian novels, their wordiness and detail oriented descriptions leave me breathless.
My mom mailed Finn this toy car. We put the batteries in and he was terrified, so we took them out and now he likes it just fine. He can't get on it by himself but once he's up there he does a great job of balancing. He'll even pick his feet up to be pushed around the house.

I just can't believe how the time is flying. He will be 9 months next week. Soon he'll be a year old. He is already looking like such a big boy. He is such a joyful and social baby. Everyone comments on how happy he is - it's true. I am lucky to be a parent to such a sweet boy.

The garden is doing fine, save for the aphids on the tomato plants and the unknown critters eating the potato leaves. The purple cone flowers look like they might bloom in the next week or two, and I've spotted a head coming up on a big sunflower plant. I'm sure they'll make quite a show, just like last summer.
And for my final bit of good news - I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Sure, my whole body is different, and rearranged, and (gasp) saggy compared to my old body, but I'll take it all - because I have something great to show for it!


a grand compliment

First of all, I love this toddler t-shirt.

Now that that's out of the way - how are you? I'm doing well, I think I'm on the upswing of the past few weeks, when I've felt mostly depressed and/or angry. I'm not an angry person, by the way, but a severe lack of sleep can most certainly transform the most cheerful of dispositions.
But let's talk about cake. Remember the cake question? Well, I wanted to use raspberry jam for the filling with some fresh raspberries on top for decoration. My plans were foiled, because first there was no raspberry jam left at the farmer's market. So I chose "triple berry" because it included raspberry. Then when I went to the store and bought organic raspberries, I found when I opened them the next day that they were moldy - every single last one. Actually, that's not the first time that's happened. It seems they can't ship a load of organic raspberries without ruining the whole batch with mold. Whoever they are.
So I took the moldy berries back and chose strawberries instead. It came out lovely.

A few cake eaters proclaimed that it was the best cake they had ever had, which is a pretty bold statement if you ask me, but also a grand compliment.
Other than Mimi's birthday bbq and Scott's new schedule - weekend nights (7pm - 7am) in preceptorship - not much else is new. Besides, of course, Finn's antics. He's just becoming such a little boy. He's crawling like crazy, and making new noises. He likes to crawl around in our bed in the mornings, and come right up to mine or Scott's face, and make this *click* noise with his tongue. Then he smiles proudly at his new noise.
Because I can't leave without sharing this picture, here it is. My men.