big news

The summer days are slipping by. This morning the air was cooler, and a breeze flipped the leaves of the trees back and forth, waving hello.

I have been busy learning a new city. Atlanta is not completely new to me, I spent twelve years of my life living just outside of Atlanta, in various suburbs. Living in the city, though, is different. It is still easy for me to get turned around as I try to find my way about town. Did I already express how much I love it here? We live two blocks away from a beautiful shaded playground, a library, a post office, a cafe, a bakery, and a pizza place. Not to mention, just a mere mile from my best friend.

Here is the big news as of late.
1. Evelyn is walking! For a couple months she would take a step or two, then plop back down. Now, it is almost full-time walking, with tiny bouts of crawling in between. Watch out, world.
2. I am writing a lot. I'm practicing in my journal, Natalie Goldberg style. I have also begun writing what I can only hope will turn into a novel someday. My word count is just over 10,000 as of today. 10k! I would not have imagined that possible a few weeks ago.

So that is what's going on with me. What is going on with you? Have any big news?



After not writing in a long time, I thought I'd check in today. I feel anticipation is a great theme in my life these days.
We are still settling in to the new place. We've been here about a month, and while we plan on buying a new bookshelf soon, that still leaves our sunroom piled with boxes marked "books". The sunroom, when emptied, will become my craft/writing room, just a little place of my own. I look forward to spending time in there!

Scott and I just celebrated five years of marriage. The move and his new job had put some stress on our relationship, but I feel that over the past week we've intentionally spent some quality time together, and we are much more connected now. It can be easy to get caught up in all that is going on, and forget your true priorities.

The other tidbit of news I have is that my brother is home from overseas (he is in the air force and was on his second deployment) and he and my mom will fly in and spend some time with me soon! I look forward to this reunion immensely, I have not seen David in over a year, and have not seen my mom since spring. It is difficult to live apart from them, especially as my relationships with both of them have grown so much since becoming an adult and a parent. I can't wait to just goof off and hang out with them!

The summer has been so hot I had completely forgotten about fall, but the past couple days the mornings have been breezy and cool (that is to say, not 90 degrees). So autumn has been slipping back into my mind, and how exciting it is to anticipate cooler weather, crunchy leaves, and of course the foods of fall - especially apples and pumpkins.

What's new in your life? What are you most looking forward to these days?