fall by the wayside

It's that time again - that "update because I feel guilty for not updating in so long" time. Sorry! It seems that I cannot juggle 5 college courses, full-time motherood, and regularly updating a blog. One had to fall by the wayside, and I guess it had to be the blog.

I had a birthday. I am now 26. I deliberated for days over what kind of birthday cake to make for myself. Some said I shouldn't make my own, but what do they know? If you make your own, you get to make whatever kind of cake you want. So that's exactly what I did. I ended up making a ginger-fig cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting. I don't mean to brag, but it turned out just perfect.

The night before my birthday, after the cake had cooled completely, I assembled it and frosted it. I actually felt nervous! I didn't want to mess up. I don't know why, but it was exciting to feel nervous over icing a cake.

It's been cold here and sometimes Finn and I feel stir crazy. We play outside at the park or swing on the porch swing when it's above freezing, but when it's below freezing we stay inside, or terrorize the local Barnes and Noble. Sometimes when we're stuck inside, Finn stares longingly out the window. It's pretty sad.

I think we've picked out a name for the baby due in June - Evelyn Jane. At least, it's at the top of our list right now. It still feels so strange to be pregnant again, especially while finishing my last semester. I wrote an essay for my Sociology class on violating norms - and I wrote that I violate a norm everyday by attending undergraduate classes while pregnant. I got a 100%.

In craft news, I have begun to make some Valentine's cards. I have never been a fan of the holiday, but I am a fan of embroidering card stock with embroidery floss. I'll take a picture soon and show you what I've made. Until then, so long.


michele said...

yes, the picture of finn staring out the window is probably the most adorably sad picture i've ever seen :)

natalie said...

you have a right to brag. that cake was freaking AMAZING! also, congrats on the 100%. i'm happy you everything but normal :) finn & evelyn... sounds perfect together!

i'm so happy you blogged. your posts brighten my life!
also, the photo of finn staring out the window is so cuteeeee!!! he's so special to me. you all are! i love the sapoznicks!

show off those cards some time soon, ok?!

kwhip said...

I absolutely adore the name Evelyn. Don't let Josh convince you otherwise, the surpuss! It was really great to see you two and your little boy at Target today, by the way. I like surprises like that!

Lainey Seyler said...

LOVE the name! love. that cake looks a-maz-ing. i hope to someday be able to ice a cake that well.

Jess said...

Michele - thanks : )
Natalie - I like the ring of "Finn and Evelyn" too, or "Finn and Evie". so cute!
Kelsey - thanks for your support! haha
Lainey - thanks! you're sweet - I didn't do that great of a job on the icing, but what I managed I owe to an offset cake spatula.