becoming brighter

I've been quiet here lately, but I'm just enjoying life and working out some thoughts. The weather is slowly warming up and the days are becoming brighter.

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, but I'm beginning to warm up to it. After all, between a husband who surprises me with flowers and my favorite dark mint chocolate and my two tiny valentines, what's not to love?


quitting perfectionism

Perfectionism is a disease, in my opinion. It's a disease because perfection is unattainable, yet that hasn't kept me from trying. Not that trying is all bad - the right amount of trying is great. However, I tend to take it to extremes. I often get stuck in the trap of all-or-nothing thinking, and I push myself way past healthy trying, and straight into perfectionism overdrive. It is not pretty, nor is it healthy for me or for anyone around me.
Now that I'm a parent, I have realized that what I do matters. It matters for me and it matters for the kids, because they learn from me. If they see me pushing myself for unattainable heights or belittling myself for not reaching those heights, they will learn to do the same. I'd like to just go ahead and break the cycle.
Humans make mistakes. I am a human and I will continue to make mistakes my whole life. I won't ever be perfect, so I might as well quit pushing for perfection!
Here's a great article about the disease in general.
And here's a wonderful one on perfectionism in relation to parenting, specifically.

Am I the only one trying to recover from perfectionism?
How do you embrace all the non-perfect stuff in life?