becoming brighter

I've been quiet here lately, but I'm just enjoying life and working out some thoughts. The weather is slowly warming up and the days are becoming brighter.

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, but I'm beginning to warm up to it. After all, between a husband who surprises me with flowers and my favorite dark mint chocolate and my two tiny valentines, what's not to love?


SherilinR said...

that's very cute w/ those two babes giving & eating the valentine's. i like to do a low impact form of valentine's day. we pay attention to it, but not too much. low expectations, just some extra lovin.

natalie said...

your homemade valentines are my favorite. you have such a creative spirit!

Anonymous said...

yes, I think that's true...what's not to love?
We do have a lot of riches in our lives!