but not hopeless

This Tennessee life is wearing me down this week. I have been missing Missouri so much, and harboring secret fantasies about moving back, and being with my friends again. The thing about that town, though, is that it is so transitory. Most people come for college, and move afterwards. Many of my best friends had already left before we did, and within a number of years my remaining friends there will probably leave as well.
My mom made her first quilt, and she made it for us. It is so sweet, and so loved
Oftentimes I feel lonely and overwhelmed. But not hopeless. I still find beauty in my days, and am constantly amazed by the growing and learning taking place in my children. I feel pride in my clean house and cooked, wholesome meals. And I'm so glad that Scott is happy here, back with his friends, finding things to be involved in and ways to get to know people. Meanwhile I just keep networking, and cooking, and playing with kids, and eventually things will get easier.
I've found the perfect pizza dough recipe, which has made homemade pizza so easy! We actually had it twice last week because it's a great way to use up random things in the fridge (feta, spinach, sausage). 
 My friend Ivy made her first batch of homemade jam - blueberry rhubarb. She is new to cooking, and as you can tell she is very brave! I have been cooking for at least 4 years and have not yet attempted anything involving jars or pressure cookers. As soon as the jam came in the mail, Finn and I ripped open the package, toasted up some homemade bread, and slathered it up. So delicious!

Our new friend Rachel made this amazing dessert - honey chocolate mousse! With freshly whipped cream and chopped macademia nuts. If you're going to be making new friends, this is the kind you definitely want. 

Somewhere between the food and the babies, I know I'll begin to feel better. This cool fall weather that's blowing in is helping, too. 
What do you do when you feel down?


Lainey Seyler said...

cooking makes me feel a lot better. it gets my mind off everything but the task at hand. exercising like bicycling or rock climbing helps me too.

moving is so freaking hard! i feel your pain. soon enough tennessee is going to feel like a place you'll never want to leave though.

natalie said...

when i'm down, i usually call you :)
i am so proud of you, girl! making pizza, nurturing your babies, being a kickass wife... you're such an inspiration & make living life look so easy. love you SO MUCH! & columbia does, too. :)

alison said...

i totally relate about being homesick for columbia, Jess. one of the things i've missed most while traveling has been being part of a community. but you guys are so awesome i'm sure you're making lots of new friends.
as for chasing the blues away my best bet is to go for a run. i load up moss in the jogging stroller and go as fast and as far as i need to. and every once in a while i get to slip away all alone with just my ipod to hit the road. it renews me. a close 2nd would be baking, which i think you're pretty good at already!

Anonymous said...

Aww, catching up on September's blogs finally. Yay for mousse!

When I'm down I read. Or cry. Mostly cry and read, read and cry.

I wonder if it's true: will time heal these sore places in your heart?

Sherilin Riley said...

i don't know where you live in tennessee, but that's where i am now too & i'm feeling overwhelmed & lonely in my life here.
i'm glad for you that cooking makes you happy. looks like you've got some great food going on at your place!