step by step

We are moving from this home to a new one in less than a week. I cannot actually believe it, though there are signs all around me that things are changing. The boxes pile up as the refrigerator empties. My house is looking sparser and cleaner than ever.

My mind is racing with to-do lists and the possibilities of a new house, a new city, a new beginning. Times like this morning, when I walked the dog in the early sunlight, with a cup of coffee in hand, taking it step by step, times like that - are truly healing. Letting go of the grabbing and list-making mind, and just being present in the actual moment. Hearing the birds and cicadas, feeling the tug of the dog on the leash, sipping the coffee.

My temper has been easily lost these days. As the stresses of moving mount, and I begin to contemplate leaving my dear friends here, my mind grows fuzzy and my words sharp. I am trying to begin each morning with some mindfulness, so that I might find that quietness, and more easily calm down when disaster (or just loudness, messiness, etc) strikes.

What measures do you take to keep calm when you are feeling anxious?


Anonymous said...

I try to remember to breathe, drop my shoulders out of my ears, and look forward to all of the possibilities.
It sounds like you are coping really well!
Good Luck to you and your family on the move, and I hope you have a very happy 4th!
Where are you moving to in Georgia? Atlanta?

Jamie Lee said...

[Barbara:] "drop my shoulders out of my ears"... ha! What a great line! I love the image.

Breath, breath, breath. Watch it go in, explore the way it fills your nose and stomach and chest, feel it cycle in and out... whether it's cool wind or warm wind that moves through you. This always helps center and calm me. Even if the only chance I get to do it is for two minutes sitting on the toilet at work in the employee bathroom! haha

Mare said...

I say affirmations when I find myself in anxiety. My favorite one is from Louise Hay, and it goes, "All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe!"

It works for me, every time. I always find myself feeling calmer and less anxious after I say it a few times.

Mare said...

Hi there, how's the move going? Have you come up for air yet?