big news

The summer days are slipping by. This morning the air was cooler, and a breeze flipped the leaves of the trees back and forth, waving hello.

I have been busy learning a new city. Atlanta is not completely new to me, I spent twelve years of my life living just outside of Atlanta, in various suburbs. Living in the city, though, is different. It is still easy for me to get turned around as I try to find my way about town. Did I already express how much I love it here? We live two blocks away from a beautiful shaded playground, a library, a post office, a cafe, a bakery, and a pizza place. Not to mention, just a mere mile from my best friend.

Here is the big news as of late.
1. Evelyn is walking! For a couple months she would take a step or two, then plop back down. Now, it is almost full-time walking, with tiny bouts of crawling in between. Watch out, world.
2. I am writing a lot. I'm practicing in my journal, Natalie Goldberg style. I have also begun writing what I can only hope will turn into a novel someday. My word count is just over 10,000 as of today. 10k! I would not have imagined that possible a few weeks ago.

So that is what's going on with me. What is going on with you? Have any big news?


nic said...

How exciting! What great news on both fronts:) I am trying to get situated, as it sounds like you are--my new semester teaching at my new university begins next Wednesday! I'll be commuting into "the big city", trying not to get lost as well. The big news of this week? I scoped out my new office, and was delighted to discover it has a view of the Detroit Institute of Art. I'm in heaven.

Ivy Bliss said...

You are my hero. 10,000 words! All that with two little walkers!
All I can say is, you go girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this picture so much! I am so glad you are writing and so much! It's wonderful.

Mindy McGinnis said...

My big news is that my circulation computer got fried at work. Sigh.

*controls irritation with Fate*

Katie Anderson said...

Your new place sounds great - there are few things better than being close to a good friend!

Good luck with the writing, too.

Anoma said...

I'm so proud of you completing your first "10K"!! Now on to the half marathon and then the full marathon. You can do it, Jess! Your writing has grown with your practice. It has become beautiful and insightful and provoking.

Lainey Seyler said...

way to go evelyn and you! 10,000 words! that is totally incredible! i really look forward to reading it someday. i'm very excited for you.

jessie said...

I love this post! I love that you are sticking to your writing and that the kids are doing so well. I'm so grateful that you are loving Atlanta so much.

Big news for me? You've heard it all. I guess my biggest news is that I'm figuring out this teaching stuff. Really figuring it out.

I miss you, Scott, and the kids. xoxo

Mare said...

Wow!! Walking! That is so fantastic. I didn't realize our little girls were so close in age. Mine will be 14 months on 10/2. She has not yet walked yet, but she has figured out how to stand up on her own. I can see the wheels turning in her head, though.

Did you take a "first steps" video?" I am constantly paranoid that I won't be there for her first steps...but as long as SOMEONE captures it, I won't mind. It sounds like you're adjusting great to your new city!

And hooray for the writing! 10K words! Wow! Can't wait to read it someday.