a little break

A break, a vacation, is just what a person needs sometimes.
I took a vacation when my mom and brother flew in, and we went, with the kids, to the beach together. It was wonderful! I also took a break from any sort of writing, which felt good at first, but now I feel malnourished.
The break gave my story time to breathe and come to life, and new ideas began to occur to me, guiding me along even when I felt uncertain. Now I am ready to keep writing, armed with a resolution and some major character development ideas.
Also, coming home to this house, I realized I've got some work to do to make it truly feel like home. Some cleaning, some painting, some sprucing up. Now that the weather is cooling down, I may feel more like spending time inside the house and making it more beautiful. After all, our lease is for 2 years, so I want to do a little work to make it enjoyable to live here.
The most exciting news of this week is Finn's third birthday, coming right up on Thursday. He has requested a strawberry cake, so I am on the hunt for the perfect recipe.

Are you taking a little break from anything?
Do you have any exciting news this week?


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks lovely! It is so exciting to hear about your progress with your writing. You really inspire me.
Happy Birthday to Finn and I don't know if this will help at all in your search for the perfect strawberry cake, but I made this recipe:http://www.food.com/recipe/strawberry-cobbler-92961
earlier this year and it was really good:)

SherilinR said...

you had the same kind of waves, sun & family vaca that i just had. wasn't it wonderful? i'm living in a place that doesn't feel like home either. i think i felt more comfortable in our weeklong vaca rental house than i do living with my in-laws. it's sad. i didn't want to come back.
i hope your sprucing up & sparking ideas turn out well!

Lainey Seyler said...

i'm also on a break from writing but because i'm too busy! i'll get back to it soon. beautiful photos.

nic said...

That water looks delicious! (not in the taste sense, but just the feel of it...) Way to squeeze every last drop out of summer!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Soooo sweet. Yes, a vacation is a good mind cleanser. I was never a beach fan until I went to a really nice one and realized the one's I'd been to previously kinda... sucked.