happy holidays

A long, long break! How are you? I'm well, full to the brim with ideas and goals. However I don't feel full in an excited, anxious way, but in a subtle, swelling, quiet way. I just feel that this year will be wonderful, and I'm greatly anticipating the new year, and my birthday, also in January.
Some books and people have directly influenced me as of late, leading me to turn inward more, and to explore what is important to me. I find that I enjoy quiet evenings in my living room, away from the computer screen and my phone, doing something like reading and sipping tea, or in the kitchen, baking. I have pulled out my violin again, wanting to learn some fiddle tunes with which to accompany Scott on the banjo. The creative urge has been so strong! Between writing, music, and baking, I'm feeling pretty satisfied lately.

So to you, happy holidays and an especially happy new year.
What do you foresee for the new year in your life?

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natalie said...

jess, i would love to talk to you more about the new year & what's in store. also, pulling out your violin? can i have front row tickets to the sapoz duo?! :)