long time

It has been a really, really long time.
I gave up here, stopped spending so much time on the computer (major plus), then eventually wanted to get back into blogging, started a new blog, gave up on that, and then over coffee this morning I browsed back through these old posts. I realized what a nice space I'd created here, a place of simple honesty and shared moments. And I wanted to come back.

So here I am. It's a Saturday morning and I've been up since 7:20, made and ate pancakes with the kids, washed dishes and made coffee, and now the kids are jumping on Scott on the couch. They miss him so much over the week, when he's gone all day with work and school. And on the weekends they can't stay off of him. I know how they feel.

There's a lot going on in my life, and I hope to come back later today or tomorrow and give a full account, and reach out to my old friends I've abandoned. I'm sorry, friends, it's been a hard and crazy three quarters of a year, and I miss you all dearly. As the weather turns to fall, I'm coming back to writing, back to reflecting, needing to reel myself in and find the quiet space within.

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SherilinR said...

welcome back, jess! sounds like your life is full and happy, even if filled with chaos and busyness.