practicing cherishing

I am sorry, but I don't know if I have any photos to share today.
But I do have some links!
At the craft club on Thursday, we did this. Our shirts came out awesome.
Today on NPR I heard Mo Willems' interview with Michele Norris. Mo talks about how adults don't draw, because they realize they aren't good at it. He makes a good point - you don't stop playing basketball (or doing whatever other hobby) when you realize you'll never make it professionally. He encourages adults to draw, because when you are drawing, you are empathizing.
So I did a little doodle.

I suppose I do have a photo, after all. Here's Finn with Natalie.

And today I've been contemplating the act of cherishing.
With Finn so young, but the days and weeks already slipping by so quickly, I've been practicing cherishing him. I try to take mental photos, but they fade. Instead, I find it's better for me to just revel in the moment. One of my favorite moments to practice cherishing is after I've nursed him to sleep, when I'm holding and rocking him. I take in every detail - his limp arms, his solid little body, his soft hair under my chin. Precious moments indeed.

Which moments do you cherish?


natalie said...

Haha, I look a bit crazy, but that is okay because I'm lucky enough to be holding Finn!

& I try to cherish the time right now spent with Luke. You're right, time does pass so quickly so appreciating this time before we're married is important. Of course, marrying him will be exciting, but I still wasted another day thinking, "okay, it is taking forever until August 1st!!" Instead, I should be saying, "Another day with Luke... woo hoo!"

nic said...

What a great question!

I try to cherish people, as Natalie said. My husband is such a good man, but just like all humans I have moments where I'm so frustrated with him! It is in those moments especially that I try to reign myself back and cherish him for who he is.

Also, I cherish quiet moments when things are done--homework, grading, cleaning, or whatever. I have a "work first, play later" mentality, so if things are done, that means I can play!

j.linneman said...

i cherish lemon bars.. :)

but seriously, i cherish quiet moments when i find myself almost afraid to recognize how nice the moment is. i cherish j.s.linneman and his handsomeness, how sometimes we'll strangely be talking on the phone to each other and i'm taken back to this long-ago dating feeling. and i cherish the babe making crazy movements right when it's time to sleep.