we had a picnic planned

My week has flown by!
Here are the highlights:
- a lightning storm
- an indoor picnic featuring iced tea, chicken salad in pita pockets, fresh veggies, and chocolate cake with wine soaked strawberries
- an impromptu bbq with burgers, brats, roasted potatoes, pasta salad, and strawberries
- a mother's day dinner cooked by a friend, and for dessert peach champagne sorbet with fresh bananas and blood oranges
- tie dye
- a new game where Scott builds towers of blocks and Finn knocks them down
- new vacuum cleaner

And coming up:
- Scott graduates from Nursing School on Friday!


natalie said...

you need to frame the block photo. it is so nice & really captures the love that your home is filled with.

& congrats to scott on graduating! i know you guys must be looking forward to the time spent with one another :)

also, I am so sorry I haven't been by the garden. finals week has left me drained & i've been working every day at pen point & then working on the garage sale this saturday. luke & I stopped by last night & noticed that we need to get our butts over there to do some weeding! also, we need to transplant those sunflowers because they're kickin' some A!! so- we'll be over early next week. I have to work from 10-6 most days, and then I am going out of town until june 2nd. I know luke will be able to help you, though.

& finally- this post just reminds me of how inspiring your relationship with scott is to me. I just love you guys so much & your home & your beautiful baby boy!

love ya, girl! & i'll see you soon.

Danyell said...

Huzzah!! Time with your husband is in your imminent future!

At least until he goes to grad school. Ha.