a little more like home

Lately I have spent too much time not living. I have spent days at a time feeling disconnected from myself and others. I waste time online, reading blogs and feeling inspired, but then doing nothing with that feeling. It may be because I am new in this town, and save my sister-in-law I have no friends. Or maybe I disconnected a little when I moved, saving the sadness of leaving for later. That later is now. Now I acutely miss my friends and my town.
Missing the extremely well developed and organized farmers' market back in Columbia, I stopped in yesterday to a local farmers' market hosted by Grace Episcopal Church. I love that they find a connection between faith and food. In general I am impressed with the Episcopal concern for a healthy planet and healthy people.
I barely made it, but I met five or six producers and came away with some beautiful, fresh food.

I also spent hardly any time online yesterday and today, besides writing this update, in order to reconnect. I am feeling a lot better overall and am excited to recommit to my goals. Nothing huge, just goals to live simply, to buy handmade and local, to make most things from scratch, to enjoy the small pleasures.
And though I desperately miss my friends, especially Natalie and Jessie, every day this place feels a little more like home.


natalie said...

i'm at uprise right now & holding back the tears. is that really evie? are you really gone? oh, girl. i am so happy that, day by day, you are growing deeper & deeper roots in your new home. still the sadness outweighs the happiness & columbia just isn't right without you guys! love you & miss you terribly.

jessica said...

We miss you so much too, Jess. I feel selfish in missing you because I really admire how you and Scott are living your lives. I know that sometimes making the best decision for your family is the harder decision. I love that you guys really did what you needed for your family. But it's true, this period of time is so hard. For you, and for those of us still going about life here in Columbia, without your family. Let's keep helping each other through. Sending love. Jessie