a lot of learning

We've successfully moved to Tennessee! It feels unreal but here we are, unpacked and beginning to explore this wonderful city. It is an entirely different move than the move to Missouri four years ago. This time, we have family living here, so we have built-in friends and tour guides as well. When we want to go check out the free concert by the river, we just caravan with them. They know where to park for free, after all. And when we need someone to help watch the kids, we call them. They call us to let us know about the specials around town, but they also give us space to let us learn for ourselves. And there has been a lot of learning going on!

Evelyn has learned to look in my eyes and smile and coo at me. It's pretty incredible, as she's morphing from baby-blob to actual interacting baby.

Finn has been learning how to take turns and how to work things out with his cousin and new best friend Eli. It's great to watch those two interact. They are a year apart in age, but they clearly adore one another and get along wonderfully most of the time.

My husband and I celebrate our four year anniversary today, and we learn more every day how best to love one another. We keep learning and re-learning to trust the other's heart and intentions - that they are good. We learn when to speak and when not to, and what to say. We learn about one another's dreams and goals, and we work to fulfill them. We learn to parent together, and to create a home together. Ultimately, we learn to walk together in love.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Jess...you and Scott have such a beautiful love and an amazing family! Robert and I aspire to be more like the two of you :)

Lainey Seyler said...

the new place looks great! congrats on four years together.

natalie said...

happy anniversary! love & miss you everyday, girl. your home looks beautiful! finn's sweet little smile & evie's big eyes... miss those two so much. love love love!

ZenGirl said...


Seems like lot of changes and lot of reasons to celebrate! Your kids are very cute!

Happy anniversary and I am glad the move worked out for you.

Have you tried no spend month challenge?