you belong

Summer is definitely here! Fresh, ripe tomatoes, hot and humid weather, kiddie pool in the yard, and oh yeah, baby Evelyn has arrived.

I was 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and wondering if anything would ever come of it, and low and behold I went into labor. Labor was short, it was hard work, and yes it was painful, but it was also completely natural and without drugs, it was beautiful and ended in a natural high, and it was life-changing, because it brought Evelyn into our family. She turned 3 weeks yesterday, and she is more beautiful every day. I often whisper into her ear "You are perfect just the way you are. You are so loved. You belong." The sorts of things that every human longs to hear and hopes in his or her heart is true.

Finn and Scott have been playing in the yard a lot. Finn is loving the kiddie pool and Scott obliges Finn's wish to have bubbles blowing constantly.

Meanwhile, we are all gearing up for the move to Chattanooga. I can't believe our time in Missouri is actually coming to a close. We knew when we moved here that it would be temporary, but then we got down to the business of school and work and building our family, and now it seems almost a surprise that our time here is complete, and we are ready to move on. Leaving is bittersweet.
We have made so many friends, and discovered an incredible locally powered community here that I almost cannot bring myself to say goodbye. Yet our time ahead is sweetly calling. And in our new place we will be close to family, and closer to mountains and rushing rivers. Our kids will grow up in the south, like we both did.

As the days of July pass and dwindle, we count down to saying goodbye, which is heart-breaking in both ways - sorrowful and joyful.
I am spending many moments practicing the art of savoring life. Trying to truly soak it in: summer flowers given as a gift from a friend, meals prepared by loving hands, conversations with friends dearly loved. May it all live on in memory, and in the heart, even when we have said goodbye.


natalie said...

i am so happy you made this post. saying goodbye is going to be so hard. i love you, girl.

karen said...

hi, i love your blog! i gave you a beautiful blogger award at my blog, go here to check it out:)http://barefeetandafreespirit.blogspot.com/2010/07/beautiful-blogger-award-yay.html