summer as it slowly sinks in

Oh I am so overdue for an update! Here goes!
School is out for summer. School is out for (potentially) forever. I graduated with my bachelors degree, a general studies degree with three main components: art, english, and education. I graduated with honors, which was quite a feat if I do say so myself, pregnant with a toddler! This past year has been my hardest, academically, but I pulled through and am now officially done. It feels wonderful.To celebrate my mom and stepdad came into town and we had a big feast.

I went on a camping trip/retreat with some of my favorite women. We stayed at 'the holyland' and camped out in a huge tipi and spent all weekend eating fruits and veggies and swimming naked to escape the heat. It was blissful, and renewing. It helped ready me for the journey up ahead - labor.

My husband Scott and I have been having some great days together, and really enjoying the summer as it slowly sinks in. This is the first time in our marriage that we are both out of school. He completed his second bachelors (in nursing) last summer, and so we are loving this new found time together! He works on weekends, fridays through sundays, so the rest of the week is ours. We've been doing lots of housework, readying the house for the new baby. We've also been doing a lot of relaxing, and playing in the dirt. Many afternoons and nights we walk downtown and enjoy some locally made ice cream! This is the best summer!

Like I said, labor is fast approaching. I am 38 weeks pregnant - full term - so the baby can come anytime she likes. It is the lull before the big change in our lives. I'm sure there will be ups and downs to expanding from 3 to 4, and possibly growing pains, especially for Finn, but I am so excited to meet our new family member.


natalie said...

oh, jess. your happiness really radiates in this entry & i just love it! i am so happy that you + scott are able to spend so much time together really; you really deserve it all. love you, girl! i cannot wait to meet evie :) :)

Lainey Seyler said...

congrats on everything--graduation, baby, loving summer. :)

karen said...

same- congrats on your graduation and how exciting that your baby is so close! your camping trip sounded like lots of fun

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I graduated with my B.A. in English a couple of months after Liam was born. It was basically the most amazing accomplishment of my life and Liam was not even out of the NICU yet- pulling it off with a little one running around is pretty spectacular. Love your blog!