bittersweet is the word

I don't have many thoughts in my mind right now. That is something to be grateful for considering my past week or so has been so thought-immersed. The semester is coming to a close and I am finishing up papers and studying for final exams. I graduate in a month. It's been a long, strange trip but I wouldn't change it. It's shaped who I am now.

In two months the new baby will be born. This pregnancy has flown by and as it comes to an end I feel excited about meeting the person who will complete our family.

Our time in Missouri is coming to a close. Bittersweet is the word that fits - how I will miss the community we've found here. These four years have been the building blocks of our marriage and some of the most formative years of my life thus far. In late July we will be moving to Tennessee to continue our journey.

I can't wait to see how our life continues to unfold!


Lainey Seyler said...

love the clothes line. how long does it take to dry? i actually have one in my backyard.

Jess said...

it's surprisingly quick! actually - I don't know how long.I put them up there in the AM and by the early afternoon they're done. sometimes jeans take longer.

natalie said...

love you, girl. all i can say right now *tears*

nic said...

wow. lots gong on for you right now! I am so happy for your graduation and the coming baby:)

Will you guys be moving to Chatt? What is your degree in?

Here's to exciting transition times!