wanting wholesome health

I have found myself, lately, wanting wholesome health. I want strong immune systems for myself and my family. I want a chemical free clean, inside our bodies and inside our home. I want homemade and handmade as much as possible. All of these things are beginning to come together in my mind as a grand vision of health and wholesomeness, and I see myself at the start of a lifelong journey in wellness.
I came down with a cold recently, and instead of taking any sort of over-the-counter medicine (which I rarely do, being generally opposed to medicine) I checked out a book from the library on herbs. I had never given herbs much thought but while visiting my good friend Rachel I noticed a bottle of sweet echinacea drops made for kids. I asked her about it, and then did a little more research, and bought some. I read about the ancient history of using herbs for healing, and decided it is a good route for me. Since I am already opposed to medicine in general, and don't usually take anything but prefer to suffer through illness, why not use herbs? When used correctly, they can't do harm, but they can certainly help my body to heal.
Deciding to begin using herbs led my mind onward to the idea of using food for optimal health. We eat pretty healthily around this house, but I had never considered food as medicine, per say. I took the usual nutrition class in college, so I had previous knowledge of vitamins and minerals in foods, and I am considered by friends and family to be "healthy", but I suppose it had just never clicked exactly the same way it did recently. Now I am seeing a bigger picture of health - including activity, fresh air, a clean but chemical-free indoor environment, clean food and herbs for health boosting.
I have just found an incredible online resource for health and nutrition - Passionate Homemaking
I also bought a book on kids and herbs, which includes great information on tell-tale symptoms for common kid ailments such as sore throats, colds, and the flu. It also gives instructions on using herbs to soothe symptoms and hasten relief and recovery.
I must admit that I am a bit apprehensive of telling family and friends of this choice, because some people I know will not be persuaded by the healing qualities of foods and herbs. I must remember, however, that I have good information on it and that ultimately it is my choice, and not anyone else's.

Do you ever use herbs or food to boost your immune system?


Lainey Seyler said...

good luck on your quest. keep me posted on what works. i'm totally interested in this stuff but it's sort of another thing to keep track of that don't have time for right now.

it's funny, i studied in spain 5 or 6 years ago. i got this raging cough and my spanish mom made me swallow a spoonful of honey. i thought she was kind of crazy, but she was totally right on. i also had people tell me to put this manzanilla tea bag on my eyes when i got pink eye. i did actually end up going to the doctor for that one though.

SherilinR said...

i've been slowly adding non-medicine treatments to our home lately too. over the summer i got a sinus infection, double ear infection & pneumonia & nothing medical was making me feel better (although eventually antibiotics did take it away) and i started using peppermint oil for my aches. i also filled 2 of brooke's super soft knee socks with dry, unpopped popcorn and i heat them in the microwave & i've got to tell you, those bean socks are about the best thing i've ever found to make my aching body feel better. incredibly soothing & pleasant to have on any part of my body. i've even been using them this winter to heat up my bed before i get in at night. one around the feet goes a long way to making the bed extra snuggly & wonderful.