my favorite corner

Something that will always brighten my day: a surprise package in the mail! Thanks to my sweet new friend Barbara, I received this beautiful package. She does incredible work, and she sent me a little painting of a moth. I had been loving that moth from afar on her etsy page, so I am especially delighted to find it in my own possession! She also sent me a handcrafted bookmark that has pieces of paper and fabric on it, completed with stitching and the letter "J" for my name. Thank you so much, Barbara, for brightening my week and my home with your sweet gifts!
Here's the moth in his new home.
I've had my nose (and mind and heart) stuck in this book lately. It has been the soil for many new, positive, and healing thoughts.
Oh and for those who have asked, here is the valentine that I made for my sweet husband. I want to frame it and hang it up in our bedroom somewhere.
And if you need me, just look here. My favorite corner of the house, perfect for reading, thinking, and napping. I plan on taking it easy this weekend, in preparation for some time with family next week, and some time at the beach, too!
What do you have planned this weekend and upcoming week?


SherilinR said...

what a cool moth thing! i just love packages in the mail!
i have a favorite couch corner too, but mine doesn't have such a wonderful window beside it!
enjoy your rest days.

Anonymous said...

Jess, I'm so glad you enjoyed the gifts!

natalie said...

that moth is AMAZING...really, really beautiful.

also, i love scott's valentine. you really do need to frame it, girl :)

i cannot wait to hear all about your trip to the beach! enjoy your vacation, jess.

love you to death! xoxo

Lainey Seyler said...

i'll have to check out the book. :)

jessie said...

i thiiiiink we might have the same couch. :)

nic said...

oh, what a great surprise to get actual, hold-in-your-hand mail! What fun:) I love your favorite corner. Mine is less a corner and more the bed in general...propped up by a few good pillows and perhaps with a glass of wine and a good book at hand!