little spring trip

I'm back from vacation!
My mom flew in from Iowa and we spent some time in South Carolina visiting family, then headed to the beach for a few days. Being with my mom again (it's been 8 months) was simply wonderful. I feel our relationship has changed and grown so much over the past few years, and I am so pleased with the closeness we've acquired. She is also a great help with the kids, who dearly love their Nana.
This trip to visit family was just what I needed. I spent one memorable evening staying up past midnight with my Grandmom, talking about the old days. I drank in the details of her childhood, trying to imprint her words in my mind. This information is sacred because it is personal to her life, and also because it can provide some fodder for future writing. I learned such fascinating things, and am amazed at the amount of change she has seen in her 79 years.
I took a few pictures of her home to document her special attention to details.

As I grow older, and also as my kids grow, I find spending time with family to be very important and fulfilling. This little spring trip to see my family and grow my relationship with my mom was great!
What fun things do you have planned for the spring?


SherilinR said...

isn't it funny how our perception of our older relatives shifts once we're adults? we can finally truly appreciate them as interesting people rather than just authority figures.
i'm glad you had a great vacation!

Brent Walker said...
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Suzu said...

I find after leaving the home nest, I like my parents significantly more than I used to! Even my wonderfully crazy Chinese mom and those crazy rules she would impose on me as an adult.

Looking back now I realize it was their own fears that sheltered me for so long and the gratitude I have now have for that (at times) over-protective love.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of your grandma's house are beautiful. Made me feel calm just looking at them.

Lainey Seyler said...

i love those pictures of your family. they're such a moment captured in time. i think your kids will look at those someday and say "oh look at our parents back in 2011."

natalie said...

:) your grandmom is an incredible woman. i love the way she intentionally places beautiful pieces in her home as reminders of various moments in her life. i also love those photos of your sweet babes at the beach. evie's little booty makes my heart warm :)