enjoy every drop

As summer rages on, things that have begun to grow are now taking off at a quick clip. Our time here in Tennessee is coming to a close. We are moving to Georgia in a few weeks, that's it! I can't quite believe it. I am looking forward to the change, and to living just one mile from my best friend; Jamie and I have not lived in the same city for nearly ten years. I'm excited to see how our time together unfolds, and I look forward to growing alongside her, once again close in proximity. I'm also a little scared of moving, to be honest. When we moved here I experienced a deep depression that was difficult to overcome. Counseling helped tremendously, and at least now I know that if I find myself in a dark place again, I can always seek help.  
This week we celebrated Evelyn's first birthday! I made a birthday banner, and completed it at 10pm the night before her big day. I love this little girl - it is fascinating to see her personality blossom. Mothering is so much harder than I ever imagined it would be, and its joy runs deep as well. I experience such moments of presence and wholeness, watching my baby pull to standing, or listening to Finn learn to craft sentences. It is incredible - the humanity, the learning, the growing, the trying, the frustration, sadness, and exaltation. These tiny beings experience it all so greatly, and they are wise teachers. I also find it humbling and enlightening to hear my words come back to me from my son's mouth. There are definitely some spots that I need to work on, I realized when I heard him say to his sister, "baby, that's terrible!"
Life is abundant now, in summer, and as a parent of young ones. Now is the time of rampant growth and uncontrollable yearning. I look forward to the times ahead, when the river won't rush quite so fast, but I'm also trying to enjoy every drop as it passes.

What's growing rampantly in your life? What are you enjoying?


Jamie Lee said...

Oh my! I hadn't realized it's been TEN years since we lived in the same city together. Time flies at a frighteningly quick pace.

I'm so excited for your journey back "home," but also a little worried too. Moving is hard, and the question is always up in the air, "will I be happy there?" One never knows until they arrive. Then it is up to us to make it what we will.

I often find myself thinking sweet little thoughts about your nearing arrival: "when jess and the family are here, I'll keep ____ in the house for Finn to play with; when jess and the family are here, I'll take the babes a few times a week to free her up..." Etc, etc.

When I think about you and your beautiful family, it's as if I have that many more of you(s) to love!

Ivy Bliss said...

Jess, thank you for your comment on my blog. I didn't know you had one! I'm so excited to find it.
When are you moving here? We'll have a reunion, I know it! We'll get Jennifer and everyone together to welcome you and Scott home. Maybe we'll all cook a little... :)
And I can't wait to meet the little ones!