what could have been

I must have jinxed myself on that last one - talking about writing. Shortly thereafter I took a too-long writing break. I am still trying to get out of that funk, and struggling terribly. I'm reading a great book, which you might think would be encouraging, but it scares me. How does the author do it? What were the steps? This book is so well-written that I fall into it effortlessly and stay submerged, living a double life, catching some air to cook food or tend to my children, but all the while longing to get back to the characters and the story.

I can only hope to one day write something that amazing!

Meanwhile, my life in this town is wrapping up as we prepare to move next month. We are moving just two hours away, into a big city. We have only lived here one year but I am reluctant to say goodbye to some wonderful friends. To think that our friendships are only just beginning - what could have been!

Of course I know it's no good to ruminate on the what-ifs. Instead, here's a look at the fun we've been having lately. Hiking, going downtown, and playing in our home.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your move Jess. Your pictures from your recent adventures look beautiful.
Sometimes it's hard to write when you have so much going on!

nic said...

That book sounds scrumptious! Must check it out...

Also, a move? That is big. ATL? Need details...

Also, a note is on its way to you, and it somewhat deals with the writing-thing. Remember to be kind to yourself! You can do it.