books and food and all things good

Just something quick, to let you know what's going on.
Last night two beautiful Natalies came over and we enjoyed wine with peach apple cake, delicious natural vanilla bean ice cream, frozen blueberries and mint leaves.

We each had seconds. We talked about books and food and all things good.
A few days ago I finally made that peach upside down cake.

I don't have much current news - I am reading "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy, and I love it so far. I have a penchant for Russian novels, their wordiness and detail oriented descriptions leave me breathless.
My mom mailed Finn this toy car. We put the batteries in and he was terrified, so we took them out and now he likes it just fine. He can't get on it by himself but once he's up there he does a great job of balancing. He'll even pick his feet up to be pushed around the house.

I just can't believe how the time is flying. He will be 9 months next week. Soon he'll be a year old. He is already looking like such a big boy. He is such a joyful and social baby. Everyone comments on how happy he is - it's true. I am lucky to be a parent to such a sweet boy.

The garden is doing fine, save for the aphids on the tomato plants and the unknown critters eating the potato leaves. The purple cone flowers look like they might bloom in the next week or two, and I've spotted a head coming up on a big sunflower plant. I'm sure they'll make quite a show, just like last summer.
And for my final bit of good news - I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Sure, my whole body is different, and rearranged, and (gasp) saggy compared to my old body, but I'll take it all - because I have something great to show for it!


Mama_Amethyst said...

I feel the same way. I have some battle scars (stretch marks) and my body seems saggier in places, but Ilia is so wonderful that they don't bother me much. Finn is a really happy baby. I hope to talk to you soon.

j.linneman said...

all desserts pictured look delicious! and i really love that finn was terrified by the battery-powered car.. good job sticking to the non-over-stimulating-crazy toys! :)

Luke Freeman said...

your body is HOT! & you're right- it is worth it for THE CUTEST BABY EVER!
also, the dessert was amazing.
& we're going to kick those insect's butts!

Luke Freeman said...

omg... um.... this is natalie by the way. hahaha!

Danyell said...

Those appear to be zinnias on your page... beware those things. They are self-seeding and they MEAN IT.