how we spend our lives

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard

Think about that for a minute.
I found that terribly inspiring and convicting quote over at Jessie's sweet little blog. Thank you, Jessie, I really needed that wake up call.
There are things I want to do! Not "some day", because we know that means "probably never". Instead, I want to seize the day and do things I want to do today, and every day.

Here are the things that have been on my mind to do lately:
make no-knead bread (this want arising from our family going through nearly two loaves of bread a week)
make homemade butter
make a quilt! (I've been wanting to do this since the winter, and just realized a day ago that I should do it now, before fall classes start)

In fact, speaking of things I would like to do, here's my list of resolutions made in February. Now I have to stop pretending that I never made that list.

This post is more of a mind-bleed than an update, but I will not leave you without posting a photo. First, my happy breakfast of spinach, zucchini, and eggs. Second, the summer scarf my mother in law mailed me.


Jamie Lee said...

I'm literally drooling over your scarf!! *Gorgeous*

michele said...

It amazes me how our wants are sometimes! I just started making my first quilt--a wedding quilt for Joe's little brother who just got married. It is a landscape quilt and I want it now that I've started it! If all goes well, I will make another for Joe and I--a mountain sunset scene.

Also, I ate a wonderful squash, zucchini, and onion thing for dinner last night. Delicious!

I hope everything is going well out in Misery!

michele said...

Ah! So many typos because I just woke up, but you get the point =)

Lainey Seyler said...

a.) i love love love annie dillard. *sigh* the maytrees is fantastic.

b.) that's a great quote.

c.) that breakfast looks fantastico. i am making it for dinner tonight. i have all those things in my fridge (well swiss chard will substitute for spinach) and you know how i love an egg.

blog on, my friend. blog on.

p.s. i found a cake stand to give to a friend for her bridal shower in lincoln. green depression-era glass, so lovely.

j.linneman said...

you are welcome! (for the quote)
and thanks for the shout out.. it's fun to be linked to.
i think i need to call you.