straight from the bag

I have fallen into a deep well and cannot, nor do I wish to, come out from it. It is called "Anna Karenina" by Count Tolstoy, and it is incredible. If ever drowning was pleasant, it would be now. It has consumed me so deeply that I have devoted my evenings to devouring the well crafted novel and have only made a batch of cookies here and there, instead usually resorting to stove popped popcorn or just chocolate chips straight from the bag.
So, dear readers, I apologize.
That said, here are some photos to chronicle the rest of my life, as of late.
A neighbor's slowly ripening blackberries:

The lime bars I made for my dear (and pregnant!) friend Jessie:

The lasagna I made to freeze for the same dear, pregnant friend: (it took every last ounce of willpower to not eat this)

My sweet bath time boy:

What I consider the perfect afternoon snack - home made whole wheat biscuit with butter and Natalie's freezer strawberry jam:

And a blurb of good news: the sunflowers are blooming! Scott's and my long lost (yes, it's almost been three whole years!) wedding photos have turned up and been sent to us! my sweet mother in law sent me a summer scarf! (it's ikat - I guess it's back in style) AND I visited Audrey Kawasaki's page and she has new stuff up!
It's a great week!


natalie said...

jess, you know just the right photos to send me over the edge from cuteness-overload! finn & his ducky are a perfect match! & feel free to grab a jar of peach preserves once they're made!
oh, & you're a better person than i. i would sneak over to the neighbor's at night & grab a handful of those delicious blackberries! haha!

i had such a wonderful morning with you & the babe. you're wonderful!

Jess said...

puh-lease let me have summa your peach preserves! they are going to taste SO good cold from the fridge!

Lainey Seyler said...

got to say i loved anna karenina ... for the first half. i hope you stay interested all the way through. it's soooo loooooong. but my, the characters, tolstoy is a genius.