growth spurts

This week has been one of packages coming in the mail. The one above is from my dear friend Natalie who sent me this sweet box of goodies. In the jar is homemade hot cocoa mix. This box also contained some homemade marshmallows, but Finn and I made short work of them, immediately making hot chocolate and plopping the marshmallows on top.
I received packages from two other friends as well, I was giddy with excitement over such snail mail action. Really, what could be better than getting a box in the mail from a dear friend who lives far away?

On the weekend we drove 2 hours and spent a couple days with Scott's mom at her house. After dinner on Saturday night I left and went to sit with the lovely Jamie, my best friend since 9th grade, and we drank wine with friends and chatted late into the night. The best part was spending the night on her couch, tucked in with my wee one, and waking up and having coffee with her. I wish all mornings could start that way. The two of us, old souls and old friends, drinking coffee in the pink morning light, snuggled up on the couch with blankets and my smallest baby.

This week has also been one of contemplation and growth. I feel I am moving in a new direction lately, and it feels invigorating. I am feeling more confident and comfortable with myself. I think these emerging emotions are the fruit of the dark season I've just come out of, one of the darkest of my life.

Growth is hard, but inevitable, and often bears beautiful fruit.
Have you gone through any growth spurts lately?


SherilinR said...

yay for emergence from the dark place. as my kid likes to say, "sometimes i just go over that wall into the bad place." and eventually you have to climb back over the wall to the good place and start again.
how wonderful to get some time with old friends. i miss my friends too.

Anonymous said...

yes, I still feel in the midst of a strange season in my life. I don't know where I'm headed, or where anything that I am working towards will lead to, but I keep going trying to move forward.
It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, it is so nice to feel the love and support of good friends.

natalie said...

i feel like we might be experiencing the same seasons right around the same time... from darkness into light. i am so happy to see such positive entries on your blog, jess :)

also, just thinking about you being snuggled up with jamie & little evie makes my heart almost melt! so sweet!

by the way, i am so happy you got your tattoo just before you left. it is a great way to remember your time here :)

love you, girl! GURLZROOLOMGSZ!

michele said...

sometimes i think that the older we get, the more cliche statements start to make sense. for example, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can see your only way up. last year was so hard for me in so many ways, but i learned some things and grew from those experiences and i think i'm stronger for it. after your dark times, you will be stronger too.