soaking it up

Today the temperature reached 67 degrees and we soaked it up as much as possible.
While the kids napped Scott and I sat on the porch. I worked on a little sewing project and he studied for the GRE. The weather was so nice we decided to cut his hair. There was a lot to cut, believe me. He has thick, black, curly hair that was nearly to his shoulders. Though if I do say so myself, he looks pretty darned handsome with his new short hair. His hair was short when we met, so perhaps I will always favor it on him.
After the kids woke up we headed downtown to a park, where everyone and their neighbor was out playing frisbee, walking their dog, and letting their toddler run free. We followed suit, and enjoyed the day.
Days like this, that come during the winter but are so convincingly spring-like, really lift my mood. Today got my mind wheels turning, and I came up with lots of ideas for writing and crafting. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be just as beautiful as today.


SherilinR said...

the last 2 days with my kid have been horrible, but today we had a chance to go to a playground & do discovery museum, including roof time, so somehow the day didn't turn out to be totally craptastic afterall. thank you, God for warmness & sun in January!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely day! Earlier this month we had a few warm days here in WV. It felt like spring and it was wonderful.

Lainey Seyler said...

ahh! i'm so jealous. we did have a couple days of upper 30s and 40s that did really lift my spirits.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the weather too! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog and also for pointing me in the direction of Passionate Homemaking with one of your earlier posts. I have been eating it up! :)